Re-Imagination Experience Coaching

Navigating Digital Age Possibilities

Equipping individuals and organizations to optimize performance and potential

As the world around us experiences unprecedented changes, it’s no longer business as usual for organizations, teams and individuals. The continued transition to the Digital Age of Human Capital creates anxiety and uncertainty across all life stages.

The Digital Age of Human Capital requires that we wear multiple hats, navigate the gray, and drive outcomes (not activities) by influencing across non-traditional boundaries. This calls for a reset of leadership development skills, mental models, and practices that have been proven successful in the past Industrial Age.

The Re-Imagination team has first hand knowledge of the drivers of performance and potential for the Digital Age. Given our deep experience in business strategy, capability development, talent management and leadership development, we are a valuable partner to anyone looking to navigate these changes. We work with clients to create custom approaches and to address needs across the following areas: purpose clarity and career choice, individual and team effectiveness, career enablement, and navigating change which includes life, career, business, and job transitions.

With the Re-Imagination Experience:
1) individuals get clarity of purpose, context, and direction,
2) teams thrive in a performance enablement environment, and
3) organizations can look ahead in navigating Digital Age possibilities

In a world of changing organizational models and unchartered human capital territory, all organizations need an unassuming and experienced learning professional with an ability to connect at all levels, ask the right questions, and design interventions to drive capabilities for business results.

Re-Imagination Experience Lead Facilitators
Authentically connecting; asking insightful questions at all levels of organization & life stages

James Sila
Business-first practitioner with a mind for optionality suitable for navigating Digital Age possibilities. Solid grounding in business practice and an in-depth understanding of Digital Age business model and human capital changes. Deep insights on implications to talent practices and including Leadership Development, Leadership, Personal Discovery, and STEM. Leverages extensive years of global experience with The Coca-Cola Company and Research International/TNS. Global, North America, and Africa business unit experience stewarding business strategy, operational reviews, human capital planning, leadership development and coaching at all levels of organization. A dot-connector with a creative knack of sorting through complexities. High emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and a non-threatening demeanor in coaching and navigating organizational stakeholders.

Tony Brown
Global organizational capability, leadership development and performance consultant with a solid track record of improving human performance having led and developed solutions at The Coca-Cola Company, Arthur Andersen & Co., and State of Florida government agencies. Responsibilities have included multi-million dollar budgets, and multi-continent international capability initiatives, team leadership, talent and leadership development consulting to clients across all levels from C-Suite to Operational Managers. Experience with internal clients and external vendors including DDI, Acumen Learning, Vantage Partners, Duke and Harvard universities to design world-class capability building interventions. Brings a natural communication style and methodical approach to working with leaders at all levels to assess needs and appropriately design/implement solutions to resolve complex and challenging issues.

We would be delighted to spend more time with you — to explore how you and your organization can benefit from the Re-Imagination Experience.

James Sila, Founder and Facilitator – The Re-Imagination Experience

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